Tulum ruins snorkeling tour

Best boat tour at Mayan ruins

In the archaeological zone of Tulum you will find a national park of more than 650 hectares on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in the south of the Riviera Maya.

If you want to know how much the entrance to the Tulum ruins costs, we tell you that the current price is 90 Mexican pesos, approximately 5 US dollars. On Sundays the entrance is free but only for local residents, so we do not recommend going that day as there are usually too many people.


Snorkel Tulum Beach

Tulum ruins Snorkeling tours

. Online booking
. Private parking, not included
. Boarding point at Paraíso beach Tulum

1. Tulum Snorkel boat tour


. Snorkeling with turtles
. Boat tour x Mayan ruins
. Every day: 10am to 4pm
. The tour lasts 1:15 hs (approx)
. Includes swimming equipment
. Price per person

. Ticket: 750 mx



2. Private Tulum snorkeling


. Private service
. From 1 to 8 passengers
. Boat ride through the ruins
. Reef Snorkeling Tour
. Duration 1:15 hs (approx.)
. Total group price

. Whole boat: 4.500 mx


3. Private Tulum snorkeling 2hs


. Private service at 2:15 hs
. 2 spots for snorkeling

. From 1 to 8 passengers
. Boat ride through the ruins
. Includes all snorkeling equipment
. Total group price

. Whole boat: 7.500 mx